Inga Insberga graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a master's degree in Environmental Art in 2017. During her studies, she participated in both art and design exhibitions and competitions in Latvia and abroad. Currently, she is actively engaged in painting, participates in group exhibitions and plein airs. The first solo exhibition "WONDERWORLD" was shown in 2020 in Ventspils, at the Theater House "Jūras Vārti". She started her artistic journey at the Ventspils Art School and the Fine Arts Studio at the Ventspils Creativity House.

Inga Insberga's works are characterized by pronounced precision of form and purity of colors, they combine the features of realism and pop art. The works play on internet culture, taking an ironic look at popular trends, the cult of artificial beauty and self-adoration found in the social media environment. The compositions of the paintings, the color scheme and the technical execution merge the border between reality and the aesthetics characteristic of the virtual world.